Thursday, August 5, 2010

i'm the type of girl..

Who will forgives you when you are sorry,
Says she's cold just so you'll hold her,
When I get hurt, I'll stand up tall...

The girl who is paranoid and gullible,
Funny in that weird messed-up way,
Who learns from my mistakes,
Loves a little too quickly,
Needs to learn not to trust everyone,
Who needs to keep boys and friends separate,
Laughs randomly...

I have my ugly days.
When I say I would like a hug, it really means I need one,
Believes that there is one boy out there perfect for her,
Gets jealous easily,

I'm just a simple ordinary girl who needs my family and my true friends to pick me up when I'm down,
Lives life through quotes and tries to have a positive attitude,
I used make-up for confidence more than anything,
I bottle up my feelings unless I'm comfortable with telling you,

I believe it when people tell me they love me, even if they don't..
Just so you know, I'm a girl who want to be loved.

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